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What Are Little Girls Made of?

Nursery Rhyme

What are little girls made of? 
What are little girls made of? 
Sugar and spice, 
And all that’s nice; 
That’s what little girls are made of.

We at Moments Matter know girls are made of a whole lot more! 

For example courage, creativity, and strength just to name a few. We also know that these moments are rarely written and sometimes not shared at all. We invite all middle and high school ladies to share their “Girl Moments that Matter”!

All ladies may register through November 30th.

The submissions chosen will allow the ladies to become published Authors in the next Moments Matter Book “For Girls ONLY”

Encourage your young lady to begin writing TODAY!

Should you have any questions regarding this incredible opportunity please email us at or feel free call/text the coordinator LaShawn Marshall at 502-432-7976.


DEC - 7th GIRLS Boot Camp


Moments Matter Youth Event Registration Form

  • Who will pick up child?

    Photo/Videotape Release Form Throughout the MOMENTS MATTER EVENT, there may be times when the MOMENTS MATTER staff, the media, or other organizations, with the approval of the MOMENTS MATTER, INC, may take photographs of students, audiotape/videotape students, or interview participants for event-related stories in a way that would individually identify a specific student. Those photographs and/or audio/videotaped images or interviews may appear in publications; in video productions; on the district Moments to Remember, LLC website (; in the news media; or in other nonprofit, education-related organizations’ publications. Please complete this form, and return it with your child’s application. I hereby grant unto MOMENTS MATTER, INC permission to use my child’s photograph and/or videotaped image for the purposes mentioned above. I understand and agree that MOMENTS MATTER, INC and Moments to Remember, LLC may use these photos and/or videotaped images in subsequent years unless I revoke this authorization by notifying Moments Matter, INC in writing. I further grant unto MOMENTS MATTER, INC permission to allow my child to be photographed, audio/videotaped, or interviewed by the news media or other organizations for stories or articles related to the MOMENTS MATTER event.
    Young Writers’ Workshop: Waiver & Publication Release Form For students under the age of 18, parents or guardians must sign off this form. This form indicates approval for the student's name, picture, art, written work, verbal statements, or portraits to appear in program publicity, publications, videos, or on educational agencies’ web sites. For example, pictures, and articles about the “Moments Matter Young Authors Boot Camp” might appear in local newspapers, in student-published anthologies, or on program-affiliated websites. These pictures and articles may or may not personally identify the student. The program sponsors may continue to use the pictures and/or videos in subsequent years. AGREEMENT The Student and Parent/Guardian release to MOMENTS MATTER, INC., Incorporated the student's name, picture, art, written work, verbal statements, portraits, and consent to their use by program sponsors. For student protection, MOMENTS MATTER, INC. will follow these guidelines: • The student's name, picture, art, written work, verbal statements, portraits shall only be used for public relations, public information, program and book promotion, teacher education, and classroom instruction. • Student authors will not be identified by personal details other than first and last name. (We will NOT include student e-mail or postal addresses, telephone or fax numbers.) • MOMENTS MATTER, INC. will accede to any written request by a parent or legal guardian for the removal of specific photographs featuring their child, or references to their child’s name. Please note: The purpose of this program is to inspire high quality writing and we will make consistent efforts to help students see their work published. Thus, signed waivers will be sought or required prior to publishing student work. The Student and Parent/Guardian understand and agree that: • No remuneration or compensation (i.e.: money) shall be paid; • Consent and release have been given without coercion or duress; • This agreement is binding upon heirs and/or future legal representatives; • Photos, videos, writing samples, or student statements may be used in subsequent years.
  • Please upload the picture of your child that you would like published with their written work.


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